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Helbron, Heil, Smrekar/Smreker, Beske, Best, Jones, Herndon, Riley,
and Selected Related Families.

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"What man really fears is not so much extinction,
but extinction with insignificance."

. . . Ernest Becker, psychologist (1924 -1974)


Welcome to my homepage! This site represents a compilation of over 40 years of personal research and that of many other people who have shared their research with me in order that, hopefully, an accurate genealogy of the included families may be preserved. The surnames shown above represent the families of my eight great-grandparents. In a few selected cases, related family lineages are also included.

Much of the lineage information presented here, in National Genealogical Society (NGS) format, was included in my book, "A Genealogy of the Helbron Family", published in 1996 by Gateway Press, Baltimore. However, with the huge amount of genealogical data currently available via the Internet since the book's publication, as well as the development of numerous Internet contacts with fellow researchers, it quickly became evident that another mechanism was needed to make updates and corrections immediately available.

This website is that mechanism and is intended to be an on-going effort; lineage records are updated as soon as data become available. Each of the included lineages includes the date of its last update. It should be noted that in any work of this magnitude, errors are inevitable, but hopefully kept to a minimum. Comments and corrections are encouraged and welcomed! To contact me, either click on the email link below or on the link at the top of the next page.

In the ensuing lineage pages, "RN" refers to "Record Number", which is the link to my master computer database which currently contains 15, 438 names! Please refer to that person's "RN" when contacting me. Finally, for those unfamiliar with the NGS Quarterly System format, it may seem a bit confusing at first but is actually a simple system to master. A brief explanation of this system can be found at: NGSQS.

J. William "Bill" Helbron mailto:jw.helbron@verizon.net


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